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Improve your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills to match your learning goals and the specific communication standards of your business.

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About Us

  • NovoLanguage is a fast growing language learning company based in the Netherlands.

  • Our customers include leading hotel groups, language training organisations and publishers all over the world.

  • We have developed our own speech technology platform, which is based on years of research into speech technology for language learning.

  • Through our partnership with Radboud in’to Languages and the Centre for Language & Speech Technology at Radboud University Nijmegen, we have direct access to over 150 experts in language training & assessment.

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Our Team

Martijn Enter

CEO and founder

Dr. Joost van Doremalen

CTO and co-founder

Dr. Helmer Strik

CSO and co-founder

Cathy Chiu

Lead Product Developer

Jeff Scomacao

Frontend Developer

Prof. Dr. David van Leeuwen

Speech Research Scientist

Katherine Anderton

Content Developer

Irene Ossi Widyastuti

Product Developer and Customer Support Officer Indonesia

Dr. Edith Schouten

Assessment Developer

Amanda (Ying) Pu

Head of Business Development China

Rizka Eka Putri

IT Development and Customer Support Officer Indonesia

Nguyên Thanh Vũ (Winnie)

Customer Support Officer Vietnam

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Magic Mobs

Nijmegen, The Netherlands – January 3, 2016

Magic Mobs, a sister company of NovoLanguage, has received funding from the European Regional Development Fund in order to conduct a feasibility study (General Innovation). The goal of this study will be to map the possibilities of a 'virtual classroom' with applied physics, speech recognition software, videostreaming and dynamic environments. Additionally, both the hardware and software will be stress tested.

The objective of this study is to make available new solutions and opportunities within the education sector.

Classroom of the Future

Nijmegen, The Netherlands – November 25, 2016

NovoLanguage has been awarded a grant to develop the ‘classroom of the future’ as part of the Subsidieverordening Virtaal Gelderland 2011 mobility program. To bring the classroom of the future to the present, NovoLanguage will expand development activities and establish an intensive collaboration with domestic and international partners. NovoLanguage will use Virtual Reality to bring the classroom into the student’s home in an innovative way, providing teachers with new ways to make their classes interactive.

NovoLanguage chosen as the Gelderland Start Up of the year

Nijmegen, The Netherlands – February 27, 2015

NovoLanguage, an innovative company providing interactive and personalised language learning, has won the Gelderland Start Up of the Year Award. The award was presented at ‘The Night of the Gelderland Economy’ (Nacht van de Gelderse economie) in the Honigcomplex in Nijmegen.

“We are very happy to have been chosen to win this award. For us it is a reflection of the hard work, passion and creativity of the NovoLanguage team, who have been a critical part of our success, as well as the enthusiasm of our supporting partners and customers. As the demand for online personalised language training continues to grow, we look forward to being a key influencer and player in this market.” – Martijn Enter, CEO NovoLanguage